Portfolio Listing

We have been investing since 2000 (although some deals were done earlier prior to two groups merging to form the Sacramento Angels) and below you can see some of the companies our Members have invested in. All these companies presented to our Members prior to investment. The Year is the year we made our first investment; in many cases Members have invested in subsequent rounds.

Company Date Description
ParrableParrable 2016 Fragmentation of identity on devices due to third-party cookie restrictions, cookie-sync loss and a fundamental gulf between app and web has created a challenge for the digital advertising ecosystem who cannot consistently identify every mobile device. Splintered identity has severely limited the ability to reach users with the most targeted message or measure effectiveness – especially on mobile. Parrable has created a solution that identifies each device across all browsers and apps without using personally identifiable information. Parrable is deterministic and persistent providing their partners with visibility of their entire audience.
Omny IQ 2016 Omny IQ helps the people who build “modern” connected devices and the Internet of Things understand, troubleshoot, and automatically repair their products in the unique and live conditions in which they are being used; in many cases before the User knows there was a problem.
MetaCertMetacert 2016 Whether it’s a mobile app or an loT device, if it communicates over http, the MetaCert Security API can add a thin but very powerful layer of security to help protect consumers from malicious attacks over the Internet. MetaCert’s patent-pending Security API checks the reputation of http requests in real time, warning consumers of potential threats before allowing known malicious web pages (or other resources) from loading inside the app.
FlirteyFlirtey 2015 Flirtey is the premier independent drone delivery service. It is one of the first drone companies to offer “Delivery as a Service”. Flirtey’s mission is save lives and change lifestyles by making delivery instant. It has numerous firsts in this new business sector, including the first fully autonomous FAA-approved urban drone delivery in the US.
TenacityTenacity 2015 Employee engagement and retention software for call centers. The Tenacity retention-as-a-service solution is grounded in cutting-edge social science from MIT combined with medical and psychological insights that produce powerful and proven results and drive positive changes in behavior. Tenacity reduces stress, improves the way people feel, builds meaning into work and connects agents with each other on a human level. It’s a powerful way to get agents to stay in their jobs longer, and to perform better while doing it.
GrooptGroopt 2015 Membership management software with P2P mobile payment and billing capabilities. Initial target market was collegiate fraternities and sororities, but had applicability for groups of all sizes including non-profits.
Safer LockSafer Lock 2015 Our prescription-locking products present a unique, economical solution to the epidemic of unauthorized prescription access. Safer Lock’ product is a combination bottle lock for prescription medication safety and accidental poisoning prevention. Notwithstanding recent regulatory improvements, this epidemic will continue unless addressed at the point of drug access.
SafeTracesSafeTraces 2015 SafeTraces has developed a solution for tracking most any type of foodstuff from its initial source. It utilizes an FDA-approved spray-on DNA barcode applied at the point where the meat, fish, vegetable, fruit or any other material is harvested, allowing fast and pinpoint-accurate traceability. Current target markets include any part of the food supply chain; literally from farm-to-fork and on a global scale. A broad range of additional applications for this multi-patent protected product are being realized as well.
Terzo Power SystemsTerzo Powers Systems 2015 Terzo Power Systems has developed the Hydrapulse. A highly efficient and powerfully intelligent electronic pump system for industrial hydraulics. They increase efficiency 80% while improving functionality, size, and performance. Utilizing their patent pending technology, control and programming architecture, on-demand fluid supply, and plug and play reliability, the Hydrapulse is able to decrease complexity, cost, and energy involved in fluid power.
Company Date Description
Visicon Technologies, Inc. Merged 2016 with Electro Scientific Industies (ticker: ESIO)
Invested: 2007
Visicon’s machine vision based products and services are designed specifically to deliver the high throughput, high accuracy, measurement and defect detection systems that enable a business to reduce inspection costs, improve manufacturing processes and increase quality.
Customer Link SystemsCustomerLink Exit 2014. Acquired by Intuit’s DemandForce.
Invested: 2001
CustomerLink is the premier provider of customer development services for independent automotive service centers and tire dealers. CustomerLink’s proprietary database automatically triggers highly personalized, custom communication to vehicle owners on behalf of their shop. The system encourages vehicle owners to return to their independent service provider several times throughout the year for manufacturers’ recommended services, technician recommended services and seasonal maintenance. The system allows for customized coupons, promotions, customer satisfaction surveys, and customer appreciation correspondence. CustomerLink’s services assist automotive repair professionals to develop repeat, full-service customers resulting in more business from existing customers, high quality customer referrals, and the ability to optimize bay scheduling.
Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc.Marrone Bio Innovations Exit (IPO): 2013
Invested: 2006
Marrone Bio Innovations discovers, develops, and markets environmentally responsible natural products that focus on unmet needs for weed, pest, and plant disease management.
Superimaging, Inc.SuperImaging -- Digital Displays on Any Transparent Surface Exit: 2011
Invested: 2004
SuperImaging creates nanotechnology films and special projectors. These films take displays where they have never been before, allowing one to create animated neon advertising and heads up displays on clear glass. This patent pending technology makes any ordinary pane of glass look like an electronic display panel, while not blocking the view through it. When compared to our competitors, our technology has better transparency, clarity, and unlimited viewing angles.
Digital Musicworks InternationalDigital Music Works Exit (IPO): 2006
Invested: 2004
The Digital Music Group was an easy and cost-effective way for independent artists and labels worldwide to distribute their music online. The company did an IPO in 2006 providing an exit opportunity for our invested members. The company merged into The Orchard in 2007.
Novabay Pharmacuticals, Inc.NovaBay Pharmaceuticals Exit (IPO): 2008
Invested: 2002
NovaBay Pharmaceuticals is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on developing its proprietary Aganocide compounds, which are novel, synthetic anti-infective product candidates with equivalent activity to the active antimicrobial molecules generated within white blood cells. NovaBay’s Aganocide compounds are being developed to treat and prevent a wide range of infections without causing bacterial resistance. NovaBay has internal development programs aimed at addressing hospital and respiratory infections. The company had an IPO in 2008 which provided a good exit for Members who invested.
KhiMetricsKhimetrics Exit: 2005
Invested: 1998
The idea was to take revenue management – a relevant technology proven in other industries – and adapt it to retail. Through revenue management, retailers, too, would use consumer demand to develop pricing strategies that deliver sustained improvements in financial performance. Retail revenue management and KhiMetrics, an application software company, were born together with patents and proven methodologies. The company was purchased by SAP in 2005 and members who invested received a significant multiple on their very early investment.
Company Date Description
ZippyAppZippyApp 2014 ZippyApp is the meeting place for hourly job seekers & employers. For hourly job seekers, ZippyApp provides a common, electronic employment application that is filled out once and submitted as needed. Applicants have the opportunity to attach a resume and a cover letter and update/tailor it for each application submission—on any device, anytime, anywhere with just a few clicks. For employers, ZippyApp brings the hiring campaign to the people who already love the business, the people who come through the doors every day. And the mobile application makes it quick and easy for anyone with a mobile device to scan a QR code, for example on the employer’s store window, and apply for jobs on the spot, anytime, anywhere.
Work Truck Solutions 2014 Work Truck Solutions (WTS) enables displaying and managing a dealer’s commercial inventory online. WTS handles all the heavy lifting so the dealer can focus on selling more commercial vehicles. With a WTS membership a dealer receives: A ‘Work Trucks’ button on their website; the ‘Work Trucks’ button clicks to a professional display of their commercial inventory. Customers can search by both body and chassis; a responsive site that provides a great buying experience for customers whether they’re on a computer, phone, or tablet; a commercial site optimized for search engines, making it easier for customers to find a dealer’s inventory; and much more.
VinoshipperVinoshipper 2014 Vinoshipper has been a service provider to the wine industry since 2006. They have built a cloud based sales platform that helps small and medium sized wineries sell direct while staying compliant with all state regulatory, shipping and tax rules. They empower wineries to grow their direct sales and provide consumers with a greater selection of wine. They also utilize their platform to manage large wine programs. These Affinity Programs use their expertise in the industry to provide great wines for fundraising events. The programs have proven very successful for the sponsors, their members, and the wineries involved.
ClinovoClinovo 2014 Clinovo, based in Sunnyvale, CA, is the leader in open-source Electronic Data Capture for clinical trials. They are the developer of ClinCapture, an eClinical Suite that includes ePRO, reporting, randomization, CTMS and medical coding. Clinovo is planning to add a Cloud Stack layer with integrated billing, SOA Architecture and an easy-to-use Drag-and-Drop form builder to be the first company to bring an EDC solution that is fully self-service. This solution, CloudClinica, will empower end users to build studies themselves, remove IT dependency, and eliminate entry barriers through a simple pricing policy. The result is significant savings over existing solutions while meeting complex regulatory requirements.
RenovoRX RenovoRx 2014 RenovoRx, founded in 2009, is a TiE50 2013 award-winning medical device company based in Silicon Valley that is developing novel catheter technologies enabling direct and localized delivery of fluids to selected sites in the peripheral vascular system. These fluids include radiopaque material and therapeutic agents. The ability to deliver these materials to specific visceral organs is a central paradigm of RenovoRx’s innovative technology, providing an exciting new treatment option for doctors and patients.
Revolights Revolights 2013 Revolights researches, develops, markets and sells next-generation bicycle lighting. Their first product is the patented and award winning Revolights bike lighting system. It consists of “smart” rings of LEDs which attach to a bike’s wheels and synchronize to the bike’s speed to provide: forward path illumination, an actual brake light (it blinks when you decelerate), and a huge increase in bright 360-degree visibility. That is a key bike safety differentiator. The addressable market in the USA and EU is estimated to be ~$1,500M+.
Dynaoptics Dynaoptics 2013 DynaOptics is bringing to market an optical zoom system housed entirely within the slim profile of today’s mobile phones. Our technology is able to achieve the performance and manufacturability of today’s lens systems, without its bulky footprint. Our technology utilizes manufacturing and assembly techniques adapted from mature industries, such as metal stamping and plastic injection molding. As a result, DynaOptics is able to achieve a low-cost, high-volume, high-quality product with lower risk and capital requirements. DynaOptics has an exclusive, worldwide, license for this technology in all fields of use from the University of Singapore, and a number of provisional and non-provisional patents in its portfolio.
TranscribeMeTranscribeMe 2013 TranscribeMe provides high quality translation and transcription services, fast and at an affordable rate to customers in education, market research, media, call centers, and enterprise businesses worldwide. The service is powered by a proprietary platform combining latest speech recognition and machine translation algorithms with a game-changing crowd-sourcing platform that connects the perfect worker with their perfect job. TranscribeMe is based in Berkeley CA and engages 15k+ workers around the world to provide service in English, Chinese, Spanish and other languages.
Phyllom Bioproducts Phyllom BioProducts 2013 Phyllom BioProducts Corporation is an ag-biotech R & D company with novel, market ready bio-insect control products that control borers, beetles and weevils. The Company’s first three patented, EPA-approved products provide a safe and efficacious alternative to chemicals. Phyllom’s technology platform will provide 2nd generation products with reduced COGS or improved efficacy. Its customers are foresters, lawn care pros, farmers and crop science distributors.
On Farm Systems OnFarm Systems 2013 OnFarm delivers insight and understanding of critical agriculture data to growers. OnFarm is the only solution to integrate agriculture data from different hardware and information sources in a comprehensive dashboard designed specifically for growers. Consider it your ally for information about your farming operations – your sensors, equipment, field conditions, people, and more.OnFarm has the largest network of integrated partners available, with dozens of options designed to meet your specific ag needs. OnFarm brings in and organizes your data the way you want it displayed in a customizable dashboard with features that allow you to focus on what’s important to you. OnFarm delivers the information you need and the features you want.
EcotensilEcoTensil 2013 Ecotensil, Inc., creates the hippest, most eco-friendly and ultra compact utensils available in the market. Our single-use paperboard products are made in the USA from sustainable material, and use much less material than plastic or other biodegradable utensils. Our launch product is the EcoTaster, which in one fun fold, becomes a silky-smooth, sturdy taster for in-store, event, and other sampling purposes. The beautifully brandable EcoSpoon is our full-sized utensil, which is perfect for a full cup of frozen yogurt to a deep parfait cup to a hot bowl of chili. Our ESU EcoSecurity Utensil meets an urgent need for safe utensils in prisons and mental health facilities. Our award-winning products are patent-protected, and we are actively developing new products as well.
iSnapiSnap Social 2012 For Business: iSnap Social is the creator of the social photo station and accompanying suite of social media marketing tools. Their products enable brands to create more authentic connections with customers through photo sharing. For marketers, iSnap activates brand advocates, distributes promos and offers, captures analytics and demographics and generates new Likes, Followers, and Checkins. For consumers: iSnap is a social network of people sharing and viewing photos snapped at events and venues all over the world. iSnap connects people to the things they like to do and places they love to visit. Photos are shared from iSnap photo stations installed in interesting places by people who want to share the moment!
Clean World Partners Clean World Partners 2012 CWP provides effective waste management solutions based on anaerobic digestion (AD), an ever-evolving technology that converts waste to energy. Our AD solutions are unique because they are scalable and affordable, enabling even small-scale waste producers to locate facilities on site. Developed in coordination with one of the country’s leading research universities and by one of the leading experts in the field, CWP’s solutions have been proven at full scale and they are stable and resilient.
LifeWaveLifeWave_Logo 2012 LifeWave, Inc. is a privately held, medical device company that is in the development stage of a new fetal monitor that is expected to address a number of clinical unmet needs during the intrapartum period. The monitor is expected to have improved accuracy and reliability in uterine contraction and fetal heart assessment and provide a better user experience for both mothers and clinicians. The LifeWave sensor is small, wireless, non–invasive, and utilizes a single-use element for ease-of-use. LifeWave is also developing a neonatal cardiopulmonary non-contact monitor that will monitor cardiac and respiratory vital signs in newborns that require NICU care. LifeWave’s product technology is based on non-Doppler radio frequency (RF) sensing.
Company Date Description
2011 Aperia Technologies (ATI) provide automatic tire inflation technology. The Halo Tire Inflator is a ring shaped device that utilizes a wheels rotational motion alone, to pump air and maintain optimal tire pressure. The product’s design enables the self-powered device to automatically re-inflate both tires of a dually set to maintain optimal inflation pressure. The core Halo pumping technology enables the ATI system to offset naturally occurring real-world leakage, including pressure losses from leaky valve stems, corroded bead seats, and normal air permeation through the tire wall. A single inflator serves both tires of a dual wheel set, mounting cleanly to the hub. The result is an off-the-shelf device capable of serving a variety of truck classes, as a dealer spec. or retrofit.
Coalbed methane exploration
2011 WellDog is improving exploration and production of oil, gas and alternative energy resources. Emerging Asian economies need energy and Asian energy exporters are struggling to meet demand. Coal based resources, including gas, are contributing but they need new technologies to meet demand responsibly and quickly, exactly the niche WellDog has found. They have built an integrated technical products and services company around the company’s unique, patented Raman spectrometer technology that enables in situ analysis of methane and other gases in coal seams. WellDog are headquartered in Laramie, Wyoming, with a subsidiary in Brisbane, Australia.
A web based, social media, live video talk show platform
2011 Vokle provides a web based, social media, live video talk show platform that enables anyone to build their audience via real time Q&A features. Millions of content creators, entertainers, authors, musicians, politicians, and self-help gurus are struggling to meet their online audience’s ever growing demand for personal interaction. Vokle allows anyone from a single individual to high profile influencers to monetize their social networks and audiences through free events, ticketed events and private labeling.
Glue Networks
Glue Networks -- Intelligent Cloud Networking
2010 Glue Networks is launching the Glue Virtual Office™(GVO) – a simple and affordable service that extends corporate networks to remote offices and teleworkers, allowing delivery of the high-security, high-bandwidth, real-time applications required by today’s modern workforce.
Cloud Cruiser
Cloud Cruiser
2010 Cloud Cruiser’s unique solution addresses the growing pain of both cloud service providers and enterprises that are implementing virtualization and cloud computing infrastructure. Cloud Cruiser’s ability to enhance the adoption of cloud computing, coupled with the deep domain experience of the team, is the right combination to position the company as a potential leader in this market.
ioSafeioSafe 2010 For more than a decade, ioSafe has been developing industry-leading technology to secure business and personal data against a full range of natural and man-made disasters, including theft and equipment failure. They pioneered and perfected fireproof and waterproof data storage solutions for physical protection, private/hybrid cloud-based backup and disaster recovery, thus ensuring life and business continue uninterrupted.
Reframe It, Inc.Reframeit 2009 Reframe It seeks to transform the nature of the public web by creating a virtual margin alongside any web page on which users can post comments to be shared with other users and read what others have written. It allows each user to benefit from the insights of other users who place specific online content in context and share their reactions in the form of online marginalia.
Vinperfect, Inc.VinPerfect -- Your Wine Deserves No Less 2009 VinPerfect offers a high-performance screw cap closure with a liner that allows winemakers to specify how much oxygen enters a wine bottle over time and, therefore, how their wine ages.
NexGen Medical SystemsNexGen -- Medical Systems 2007 NexGen Medical Systems, Inc. develops medical devices that enhance the safety and effectiveness of interventional procedures in patients with debilitating neurological and cardiovascular diseases. The Company is currently focused on commercializing an integrated medical device product line for removal of blood clots from head, neck, and peripheral vessels. The Company also has a pipeline of neurological access devices and technologies. NexGen commenced operations in 2005.
Company Date Description
Alter GAlter-G -- Jump Start Your Rehab 2006 FDA cleared and built on NASA technology, AlterG is changing the way people recover and athletes train. Our unique technology allows you to run or walk at a fraction of your body weight, so you can dial in exactly where the pain stops and movement feels good again. Leading medical professionals are using our rehabilitation equipment to help their patients recover better and have a smooth return to activity. Top athletes and teams are using AlterG to recover and train smarter, reducing the frequency of training injuries by minimizing stress on their joints, while still building fitness.
Clario Medical Imaging Clario -- Focus... On What's Important 2006 Clario partners with hospitals, imaging centers and private practice radiology groups to improve radiologists’ efficiency through integration. Clario’s flagship product, zVision, provides a benchmark unified worklist, intelligent real-time monitoring of practice statistics, advanced search, communication tracking and integrated peer review.
Idapted, Inc.
(merged with Eleutian)
Idapted -- the largest provider of live on-demand one-on-one language instruction
2006 Idapted is the largest provider of live on-demand one-on-one language instruction. They scale one-on-one training.”We understand that the world is flat. That’s why we built a company that re-thinks online learning. We make it live, on-demand and globally scalable while delivering the best learning experience ever. Our proprietary e-learning technology along with our full-stack knowledge in content creation, instructor recruitment, training and management allows us to deliver a new generation of online learning products.” The company merged with Eleutian in 2007
Revionics, Inc.Revionics -- Optimizing Retailer Profitability 2006 Revionics delivers innovative lifecycle price optimization solutions to retailers, including everyday, promotion, and markdown pricing. The Revionics technology leverages an integrated forecast, enabling a coherent view of customer demand across all decision areas. Their proprietary approach, Revenue Bionics™, applies advanced analytics and science to predict customer behavior, empowering retailers to achieve their financial objectives, improve customer loyalty, and make better, faster decisions. Their solutions are delivered on a modern, fully scalable, pay-as-you-go, software-as-a-service platform. Over 20,000 retail locations across grocery, automotive, drug, building materials, convenience, general merchandise, and discount stores are priced using Revionics solutions.
Kovars (Satori Academy)Kovars Satori Academy -- Empowering people by teaching martial arts 2005 Through high quality martial arts instruction Kovars empower people of all ages to achieve their full potential. By emphasizing self-defense, health, fitness and life skills in a friendly, safe, positive environment, they inspire their students to become more confident, successful contributing members of their community.
Prolacta Bioscience, Inc.Prolacta -- We are making the difference in the lives of critically ill and premature infants 2005 Prolacta is the pioneer in human milk-based nutritional products for critically ill and premature infants in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Prolacta believes that there is no adequate replacement for human breast milk and, as such, they believe infant nutritional products should be human milk-based. As a scientifically driven company committed to improving premature infant nutrition, they are using human milk to change the standard of care in the NICU.
Regenemed, Inc.RegeneMed -- Personalizing Medicine, Regenerating Life 2005 RegeneMed accelerates the development of safer, more effective drugs by providing integrated high throughput platforms incorporating engineered human tissue-based assays. Our patented, proprietary, core technologies enable in vitro growth of engineered human tissues, including liver, GI tract, bone marrow, blood-brain barrier, cardiovascular and neuronal. The first and critical application of these tissue-based in vitro model systems is to replace cell-based assays and animal testing to debottleneck ADME/Tox evaluation, the leading cause of drug failures facing the pharmaceutical industry.
Uptake Medical CorpUptake Medical -- Breathe Better, Live Better 2005 Uptake Medical is developing a novel therapy for the treatment of emphysema. Uptake Medical’s Bronchoscopic Thermal Vapor Ablation (BTVA) is ideally suited and designed for treating this disease in a safe and effective manner. This proprietary vapor technology allows for a less invasive, interventional approach to lung volume reduction.
Company Date Description
American LegalNetAmerican LegalNet -- #1 Desktop to Courthouse Workflow Solutions 2004 American LegalNet, the premier provider of ‘Desktop to Courthouse’ workflow technologies, has been delivering innovative, high-quality legal products, content and services to enhance workflow efficiency, minimize risk and reduce cost for more than 12 years. American LegalNet provides an industry-leading suite of products: eDockets, Forms WorkFlow and eFiling Portal; and offers a robust menu of supporting professional services.
Novostent CorpNovostent -- The New Dimension in Stenting™ 2004 At NovoStent, we add a new dimension to biliary and peripheral vascular stenting. Our unique technology enables customization of both macro and micro stent structures to optimize clinical performance. Unlike ordinary stents that are limited to permutations of cell patterns, Hyperion™ Stents employ a helical macro structure to maximize flexibility, durability, and radial strength in addition to a micro cell structure which can be customized to achieve optimal lumen coverage and prolapse control. The result is performance without compromise.
PatientSafe Solutions, Inc.PatientSafe 2003 PatientSafe Solutions drastically reduces the potential for error in the hospital. We have reduced serious five-rights related medication errors by 100% in all of our installed hospitals, preventing over 6 million (35 million total transactions since inception) erroneous medication administration transactions. With complete PatientSafe Solutions, we guarantee that our installed system pays for itself within 12 months.
Mobius Technologies, Inc.Mobius Technologies 2001 Mobius is making recycling a reality by developing valuable technology and creatively bringing this technology to the global marketplace. We have focused our efforts to bring sustainable value to the plastic foam industry first. Towards this end, we have developed, manufactured, and commercialized a new way to recycle the foam used in the furniture and automobile industries. We have commercialized this technology in the United States and Europe and are currently expanding into South America, Australia and Asia. We are very proud to have partnered with The Dow Chemical Company to help globalize this form of recycling.
Company Date Description
AffinityAmp 2012 People take their mobile phones everywhere, making it easier to connect with the brands they love. Affinity Amp offers a mobile platform where complementary businesses gravitate together to build vibrant, fluid and mutually beneficial customer relationships. They make it easy to leverage social media and the web to draw customers to install an app for their device that becomes a durable gateway for their relationship. The Affinity Mobile Platform (AMP) connects business, their business partners and their customers in a social, local, mobile community known as the Affinity GridTM. The company offers a holistic approach to mobile app development, publishing and maintenance using an affordable SaaS “Software as a Service” model.
Critical Perfusion, Inc. 2009 Critical Perfusion Inc. is preparing to launch ISMO (Impedance Spectroscopy Monitor), a novel technology that will significantly ease critical assessment of critically-ill patients in intensive care units (ICUs).
Freepath 2007 Freepath’s easy-to-use playlist interface gives you on-demand access to your stuff in its original format. Navigate and edit in real time without the limitations and burden of converting files. Using a simple drag and drop, import or web link approach, you’ll be able to spend less time preparing and more time sharing. Freepath also improves the way you collaborate with others online. It’s compatible with the popular web meeting tools such as GoToMeeting, Webex, Live Meeting and Intercall.
Braincandy 2007 Braincandy was a children’s media company whose mission was to create educationally inventive, enriching, entertaining products that helped young children learn about themselves as they fully experienced the world around them.
Enkata Technologies, Inc 2007 Enkata makes delivering a great customer experience at a low cost possible. Enkata is a critical component of how world class companies understand and address why customers contact them, why they re-contact them, how to increase customer engagement, and ultimately how to increase customer value. Enkata customers share one thing in common – a commitment to deliver a highly personalized customer interaction, right the first time. Enkata’s products are used by over 100,000 end users with over 1 billion transactions managed to date. Enkata customers include global industry leaders such as JP Morgan Chase, Bank of NY Mellon, and Independence Blue Cross.
Windspire, Inc. (formerly Mariah Power) 2006 Founded in 2005, Windspire Energy was established to develop innovative and proprietary new technology that introduces a new standard for style and function to the small wind industry. Founded on the passion and commitment of two inventors, the duo set to work on a new kind of wind turbine. Today, the company is continuing to evolve its product line, focusing on low-cost energy alternative solutions that are smart, noise-free and renewable. The company’s first product to market is the Windspire® wind turbine, was launched on June 2, 2008.
Tempo 2005 Tempo is revolutionizing the debit card market by enabling organizations, both businesses and non-profits, to quickly and easily offer open loop, affinity debit cards to their customers and members. The cards are rewards-based, affinity partner-branded, and linked to the consumer’s existing checking account. Tempo provides its partners with a Web-based solution that makes it easy to launch and market their programs. The partners benefit by generating new revenue, and building loyalty through the delivery of enhanced cardholder value.
KeyEye Communications 2003 KeyEye Communications was a fabless semiconductor company, providing connectivity solutions on structured copper twisted pair cables. It offered 10Gbps Ethernet transceivers that deliver 10GBASE-T connectivity over data center cable reaches.
Pria Diagnostics 2003 Pria Diagnostics specialized in low cost, high performance, fluorescent readers based on their NanoFL platform technology. The company formed partnerships with diagnostics companies and manufacturers, enabling them to improve their current test sensitivity, or to create diagnostics solutions for the point of care market.
Sierra Life Sciences, Inc. 2002 Sierra Sciences was developing drugs to reverse the effects of aging on skin and other tissues, based on major discoveries and 18 patent applications related to telomeres and telomerase, with both near-term non-FDA revenue opportunities and long-term billion-dollar markets for FDA-approved human drugs.
Realty Plus 2001 Realty Plus Online was one of the first Internet technology companies in online real estate transactions. Their goal was to automate the real estate transaction process, starting with the listing of the property for sale, through to the closing of the transaction. Their CloseYourDeal.com was the first secure Web site to automate the entire real estate transaction over the Internet.
Webview 2001 WEBVIEW had special expertise in the area of image-processing electronics for high-resolution visual data and systems integration.
Evit Labs 2000 Evit Labs was a pulmonary treatment company devloping aerosol drug delivery technology. The first approved product to utilize their unique aerosol technology was a nebulizer. It was claimed to: be five times faster, be portable, need no electricity, be quieter, be more convenient to use, deliver more medication, and be less expensive to manufacture.
Shari’s Berries 2000 Shari’s Berries was founded in 1989 when Shari Fitzpatrick decided to pursue her dream of creating the world’s greatest chocolate dipped strawberries. The company was sold in 2006 without any of our members gaining a return.
Precision Farming 1999 Precision Farming provided information technology solutions for high value specialty crops in the Western States.