How We Work

Six or seven times a year we meet over dinner and listen to two or three presentations from emerging companies seeking funding. (We don’t have presentations in December and in some months over the summer. Check our calendar to see our specific meeting dates.) These companies apply to us via this web site, or are introduced to us by our Members. Our Selections Committee meets once or twice a month to evaluate and select the companies for these dinner meetings.

Following the presentations, the company is excused and we discuss the merits of each company. If there is sufficient interest from Members, we follow-up with the company the next day to arrange another meeting between those interested and the company., where the company is evaluated in more depth. If the outcome is positive, then the participating Members will form a due diligence team and begin the investment process.

If due diligence is positive, investment terms are negotiated unless they already exist, and then a due diligence report is circulated to the entire Membership to determine final interest. Finally, Members individually write their checks to the company.