Entrepreneur Intro

Since our inception in 2000 we have funded more than 60 companies and invested more than $10MM in them. These companies have been in a varied group of industries: high technology, clean technology, SaaS and enterprise software, medical devices, biotechnology, and consumer products. Although these are far ranging, each investment generally fell under our investment criteria.

Further, a study we did several years ago indicated 72% of the companies that we invested in that intended to raise a subsequent round of venture capital, did so; that’s an impressive statistic since we invest much earlier than VCs and VCs later investment validates our processes.

To apply to us, follow the pages here. Although, we have no formal sponsor program to get you in front of our group, if you know someone in our group who believes in you it certainly helps!

You normally only get one chance to present to us so if you want to be better prepared, or need to understand more about Angel investing and getting a startup financed before applying to us, find a mentor and/or do a lot of reading of material on the subject on the web. Check out our resources pages too, both for angels and entrepreneurs.