First Time Raising Money?

Raising money from Angel groups is often a daunting and time consuming task and you normally only get one shot at presenting to a group. Often we can help by providing some coaching before you try to raise your money. It could improve your chances, but no guarantees!

Among our membership and network we have people who are (or have been) successful entrepreneurs, VCs, domain experts and/or C-level business people. We can facilitate getting a connection to them to provide you free advice and pointers to help in your understanding of startup financing. In the process you will get to know these investors in a non-threatening environment—and you never know where that could lead.

Here are some of the possible benefits:

  • One-on-one advice
  • Introductions – from lawyers to domain experts
  • Mentorship – from pitch to financial
  • Education – business plans, fundraising & pitching, and more

How do you connect with us to get the coaching: First check out our Investment Criteria, which is pretty representative of many Angel groups, and if you think your business idea will fit the mold once you get started, then fill in the form on the Angels in Action page and we’ll contact you if we also see a fit.

As part of the Angels in Action program you have the opportunity to test your “business” and presentation materials before presenting to us. “Mistakes” made there are a learning experience, not an investor rejection. Participation will improve your chances of attracting investor interest.

You should also look at our resources pages, and, of course, search the web to learn all you can about Angel groups, their processes and how to raise your first round of money.