Deal Syndication

Often emerging companies require more funding than any single Angel group can muster. This has led many groups to collaborate with neighboring groups to raise larger rounds by syndication and sharing deals. This does place additional requirements on Angels and your interaction with them.

To facilitate and speed up the sharing and syndication process, we were one of the founding members of the InSync Angel Network. Many regional groups belong to the Network and the Network has created processes by using the GUST and ProSeeder deal platforms to efficient share deal information. Additionally, we have a Network web-based calendar that shows each member’s company presentation dates and the selections cut-off dates for those meeting. That will help you plan your “road show”. Check out the website!

To effectively syndicate a deal, you will need to get an Angel group ready to invest in your opportunity that is prepared to lead the deal. Leading involves:

  • Organizing all the due diligence
  • Negotiating the terms of the investment
  • Engaging, by their relationships, other Angels in other groups
  • Herding all the Angels to consummate any transaction

It does take a lot of work and we have done this on numerous occasions for priced preferred stock rounds and convertible notes. We have solid relationships through InSync with many Northern California and Nevada groups, as well as several in the San Francisco Bay Area.