Angels In Action

Current Initiatives

There are a couple of ways to see us in action.

  • For prospective new members, aspiring entrepreneurs and students. we selectively extend invitations to our dinners to see companies present their businesses to us for funding.
  • For entrepreneurs who are raising angel investment, and have little prior experience doing so, we can offer expert advising/mentoring by business and domain experts on raising investment from angels.
Entrepreneur/Non-Member Request To Attend A Dinner

We reserve limited space for complimentary dinners and demand usually exceeds supply. Accordingly, we are asking those that would like to receive an invite to fill in the form below. To be considered, you must be referred to us by someone we know. Please note, that if you wish to present a business to us at one of our dinner meetings you should go through our application process.

We have allocated funds so these dinners are on us, but if you can contribute towards the dinner cost (it’s about $80) then that will allow us to consider and invite more budding entrepreneurs. To express your interest in attending a dinner, please fill in the form below.

Advising/Mentoring on How to Raise Angel Investment

If you have great business idea and a large market potential with real competitive and sustainable advantages, but have never raised money before, we might be able to help by identifying an advisor/mentor for our membership or our extended network. Fill in the form below and we’ll make the determination as to whether we can help.