Eco Catalytics is a Global Finalist in the Cleantech Open Competition

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ECO Catalytics, an Angels On Campus mentored company, are winning more awards for their technology and products that originated at UC Davis.

This time they won the Smart Power category prize in the California Cleantech Open Semifinals for the development of a material deposition process that cuts fuel-cell platinum costs by 95%. This prize  is awarded to entries dealing with smart grids, and energy control and storage. Previously they won awards in the UC Davis Big Bang Business Plan competition, and gained national recognition in the Walmart Better Living Business Plan Challenge.

Angels On Campus — UC Davis Big Bang! Winners

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The Winners

George Cimino, PhD, Paul Henderson, PhD, & Chong-Xian Pan, MD, PhD of Accelerated Medical Diagnostics


Anthony Santamaria, Daniel Misicak, PhD, Tomas Sudnius & John-Paul Farsight of Eco Catalytics

Accelerated Medical Diagnostics (AMD) won first place ($10,000) in the competition and Eco Cataltyics (EC) won second place ($3,000), as well as the People’s Choice award ($2,000).

The Angels on Campus program has again seen positive results from going onto the UC Davis campus to mentor teams taking ideas and research from the lab into the business world. This time it was the student run Big Bang! Business Plan competition. The finals were held on campus on May 19th and the first, second, and People’s Choice award winners, as well as one of the other five finalists, were all participants in the Angels on Campus program and benefited from the advice, connections, and mentoring received from members of the Sacramento Angels and others non-affiliated Angels.

The teams came from two different programs within UC Davis. AMD emerged from Partnerships for Innovation (PFI). Part of the PFI mission is to take technology at the intersection of engineering, life sciences and medicine, create companies, and contribute to our region’s economic growth.  AMD are well on their way. What do they do? They have developed a diagnostic test that looks like it can predetermine if a cancer patient will respond to a particular type of chemotherapy, or not. Many people don’t respond to common treatments yet suffer painful, expensive, courses of treatment just to find out. It is estimated that over $2.5 billion is wasted each year on ineffective chemotherapy treatments.

Angels On Campus — Mentored Team Takes Major Award at 2011 Walmart Better Living Business Plan Challenge

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C4EThe Sacramento Angels, together with the UC Davis Center For Entrepreneurship (C4E) have spearheaded the Angels on Campus program at the University. One of the student groups we have advised and mentored, Eco Catalytics, has just won 3rd place (and $5,000) in the Walmart Better Living Business Plan Challenge. Team members were: John-Paul Farsight (MBA student), Daniel Misicak (Electrochemistry Post Doc), Anthony Santamaria (Ph.D. mechanical engineering candidate, PEM fuel cells), and Tomas Sudnius (MBA student).

The Team: Anthony Santamaria, John-Paul Farsight, Tomas Sudnius, and Daniel Misicak

This is national competition for students to showcase their best ideas and to help Walmart learn from some of the brightest minds in the world.  The competition challenges students to invent sustainable products or develop sustainable business solutions and present them to a panel of Walmart executives, suppliers, and environmental organizations.