Data from Kauffman Foundation on Startups

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Inc. Magazine published some interesting data summarized as:

1. Companies started by entrepreneurs in their 20s are more likely to close.
2. Companies founded by Asian leaders have a significantly higher rate of survival
3. The amount of startup capital doesn’t signiicantly alter a company’s chance of survival.
4. Patents or Copyrights have little impact on startup survival or closure rates.

Note that the data didn’t define what a ‘survival’ outcome meant, only that a company was merged/acquired or still ongoing.

Here’s the link.

Recent Article Featuring Past Presenter Kohl Gill and LaborVoices

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We like to know what’s happened to some of the people/companies that have presented to us even if we did not invest. It helps us understand markets and new trends; and sometimes, by staying abreast of the company, it might encourage us to invite them back to take another look.  Maybe we gave them some good guidance in the feedback sessions that are incorporated into our dinners.

Kohl presented LaborVoices to us last year and this article follows the tragic Bangladesh garment factory fire.