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Kickstarting Revolights — Company with Local UCD Origins

We like to keep track of the entrepreneurial endeavors at UC Davis (see the Angels on Campus program we started) and recently saw this about a new bicycle accessory company. Adam Pettler switched gears (no pun intended) to be become an entrepreneur after getting his MBA at UCD.

He started Revolights with co-founder Kent Frankovich to revolutionize bicycle safety. Adam has been contributing the business skills he learned at UCD to be the guy behind much of the promotion the company has done since founding. Here is a list of accompaniments so far:

  • Completed two successful Kickstarter campaigns to get their first two products
  • Now running a third Kickstarter campaign for another innovative bike lighting product – the ARC
  • Successful company appearance on Shark Tank

Looks like the company is off and running.


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