Step 2 — Apply via GUST

To apply via GUST you need the do the following in this order:

  • Click this link: Apply Now
  • With the link from above, enter the GUST site and fill in the GUST application answering all the sections as best you can. To improve your chances of being selected, do not just refer to other documents you may upload.
  • Upload your Executive Summary. Be aware that very long documents will not improve your chances and may lessen them — similar to a short resume being better than a long one when applying for a job. Your goal at this point is to intrigue us with your opportunity not deluge us with information.
  • You can update the information in GUST whenever you want, but remember your password and id to get back in there
  • Once your application is complete, all members of our group have the opportunity to review it and comment on it. Our Selections Committee will take all the input and if there is sufficient initial interest, contact you to give a phone presentation between 8 and 9am eight days before our dinner meeting.