Step 1 — Preparation

Review all material in the Investment Criteria section of this web site to determine if your company fits with the Sacramento Angels guidelines. If you believe you fit our criteria, do the following:

  • Decide the meeting at which you would like to present. You must apply at least three weeks prior to the meeting. This gives the Selection Committee enough time to thoroughly evaluate all the applications that have been filed.
  • You will need to provide information in addition to your Executive Summary to apply to us. We use GUST to collect applications (so if you have applied to another group using GUST this process is very easy for you and you can use the information you have previously input into GUST).
  • We require that you fill out the form completely in GUST as best you can EVEN if the same information is in your Executive Summary or other information you provide. Our members like to look at information in a standardized format so, for example, just referring to something in your Executive Summary on the form could lessen your chances of being selected. Some Members still like to read from paper.