Application Overview

The Sacramento Angels meet six or seven times a year  We don’t meet in December and in some months over the summer. Check our calendar to see our specific meeting dates.

We use GUST to screen and move all applications through our selections process. SacAngel members are notified of all application postings and updates.

Are You Ready to Present?

If you are new to fundraising for a startup venture, you may want to read this page first to see if you would like some one-on-one advice to improve your chances of funding. You normally only get one shot at presenting to the group, and it is competitive so be prepared!

An Invitation To Present

Three weeks before the dinner meeting, the Selection Committee starts the process to determine who will be invited to present. About two weeks before the dinner, we start sending out invitations to three or four companies who meet our criteria for a preliminary presentation by phone. Following the phone presentations, we will let the companies know if they have been selected to present at our dinner meeting, held over for later, or if there is no interest. If the latter, we’ll try to offer suggestions to help the company move forward.

Business Plan Presentation

Two companies present their business plans at each meeting, (If requested, we can offer mentoring prior to the meeting to ensure your presentation is the best it can be). If sufficient interest is expressed in a particular company, a SacAngel member is assigned to coordinate a follow-up meeting.