The Sacramento Angels is a group of individuals who invest in early-stage Northern California companies (or close by regions of adjacent states).

Interested prospective members should review our membership information. Entrepreneurs whose companies are looking for angel funding should review the application process.

The group meets once a month over dinner and listens to presentations from candidate companies. If some members show interest in a presenting company, the group facilitates their collaborative efforts to share further due diligence and negotiate of deal terms. Members act on their own behalf and make their own individual investment decisions.

The group has been in existence since 2000 and members have invested in more than 35 companies (as of June 2010). Take a look at some of the companies in our Portfolio.

Sacramento Angels membership is open to individuals who are accredited investors with the experience and desire to invest in and work directly with emerging-technology companies. The members have a wide range of backgrounds, including CEO’s, senior executives, entrepreneurs, attorneys and professional venture capitalists. They apply this considerable experience to assist their investments with board membership, business strategy and implementation, team building and fundraising.