Our Numbers

Portfolio Size
Ave. Invested/yr ~ $750K
~ Membership
Total Investments ~ $12M


  • We're looking for smart, passionate entrepreneurs with great ideas
  • We can lead a deal, or follow another lead investor
  • We are a group with former entrepreneurs and CXO business executives
  • We add value with domain and business experience
  • We are a founder of InSync Angel network—enables rapid deal sharing & syndication


  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Invest with other experienced Angels to share due diligence to lower your risk
  • Learn new business models, technologies, and markets
  • Have some fun!
  • Do some good for the region
  • And lastly, make some money!


Often startups require more funding than any one group can provide so deals are usually shared and/or syndicated. We are a founding member of the InSync Angel Network whose mission is to:
  • Make funding faster and more efficient for entrepreneurs
  • Provide better deal flow to Network members
To get visibility on the Network you need to be referred by a member—but only with your permission. We refer companies that are compelling, even if they are not in an area that is interesting to our members.


“The Sacramento Angel members are long time, active regional investors. They offer a variety of expertise, wisdom, and experience essential in evaluating early stage deal flow.
Nothing gets by this organization!

John L. Allen, Vice President/Senior Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley

“The Sacramento Angels provides a primary source of investment capital for new businesses in the Sacramento region and, through its membership, has deep syndication relationships for senior financing vehicles throughout the Western US.”

Roger Akers, Managing Partner Akers Capital LLC

The Sacramento Angels early investment in Marrone Organic Innovations gave us the momentum essential to fast-track launching our R&D efforts. Their strong commitment to the Sacramento region directly supports rapid, successful innovation.”

Pam Marrone, CEO/Founder, Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. (IPO in 2013)


Portfolio Company Revionics Recognized as a Top Retail Software Provider

Revionics was a 2006 investment by members of the group. They have emerged a a global leader in profit optimization services and solutions. Their analytics and science serve as the backbone of omni-channel retailing to help performance-driven retailers execute profitable pricing, promotion, markdown, and space decisions with predictable business outcomes.

They have just been recognized once again as a top 10 retail software provider.  Read the full press release.

Prolacta Bioscience(R) Raises $35 Million in Mezzanine Financing

One or more members invested in Prolacta in 2005 and they have grown, through multiple rounds of financing, to be the nation’s leading provider of human milk-based neonatal nutritional products. It gives you some idea of the time frame it sometimes takes for our investments to come to fruition!

You can read the full press release.

Metacert raises $1.2 million to detect malware on enterprise bots like Slack, Microsoft Teams

We invested in Metacert earlier this year along side TiE Angels and Sierra Angels, in a round led by Moneta Ventures.

Whether it’s a mobile app or an loT device, if it communicates over http, the MetaCert Security API can add a thin but very powerful layer of security to help protect consumers from malicious attacks over the Internet.

MetaCert’s patent-pending Security API checks the reputation of http requests in real time, warning consumers of potential threats before allowing known malicious web pages (or other resources) from loading inside the app. MetaCert also offers a content-based filtering service for developers that want to block pornography inside their apps.

See the press release here.